Diversity Recruiting Podcast

Inclusive Solutions For Developing Middle Managers

August 31, 2021 Cody Horton
Diversity Recruiting Podcast
Inclusive Solutions For Developing Middle Managers
Show Notes

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Cody Horton, Diverse Recruiting Experts Founder and Managing Director speaks with Tonie Leatherberry. An accomplished individual, Tonie is a passionate and invested leader who has helped to create opportunities for women and people of color.

At Deloitte, she was the principal architect of The Board Leadership Forum and the NextGen CEO Academy, each of which has had a meaningful impact, ultimately placing more than 70 Black leaders into executive-level and board roles.

Some of the topics discussed include: 

* The challenges facing middle managers
* The solutions needed for developing middle managers
* How to recognize that a middle manager has ability to scale to the next level
* The role of senior leadership in the development of middle managers
* What leaders should do to connect longer term goals with short-term goals as they grow middle managers
* The challenges businesses might face for growing women and people of color from middle management to senior leadership (from a diversity and inclusion perspective)
* What your organization can do to move forward with a better approach to growing middle managers
* Advice for an aspiring middle manager to help them grow and develop
* What a leader can do to impact their organization's ability to attract, develop and retain middle managers